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aerith_and_tifa's Journal

Friendship over Rivalry
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A haven for fans of Aerith and Tifa
This is a community for those who love both Aerith and Tifa, and believe that the two of them were friends (or more). Whether it's discussion or fanworks (fic, art, icons, vids...), if it's related to Aerith, Tifa, or (preferably) both of them and their relationship (as friendship or yuri), it's welcome here. Gameplay-related topics to do with our girls are also welcome (e.g. "Any tips on mastering the Shooting Coaster? I want the Umbrella!" or "What's your favourite setup for beating Emerald WEAPON with Tifa?").

The Rules:

Be civil.You may give concrit and disagree politely; you may not flame.

Please adhere to the spoiler policy (see below).

It should go without saying, but - no bashing of Aerith and/or Tifa.

plz dun tYp3 liek dYs.

Fic longer than a drabble goes behind a cut. Images go behind a cut (exception: you may post up to three icons outside the cut as a preview). Anything not worksafe goes behind a cut with a warning. If you don't know how to make an LJ-cut, please look here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

Fic should come with a header (outside the cut) that lets people know what they're getting into (summary, rating, pairing(s) or a gen/"no pairings" label, warnings if applicable - that sort of thing).

We didn't start out as perfect writers and you don't have to either, but please proofread your fic before posting it here.

Other pairings are fine, but Aerith and Tifa should still be the main focus.

Speaking of which, this community is a "no Love Triangle Debate" zone. It doesn't matter in this context who Cloud loved more, or who loved Cloud more, because our two girls were friends regardless, okay?

No posting of quizzes or memes unless they're related to Aerith and/or Tifa. One post per quiz, i.e. anyone else posting their results must do so in a reply to the original post, not in a new post.

No community promos unless the community is directly related to Aerith and/or Tifa.

No wank about the name issue. 'Aerith', 'Aeris', and 'Earisu' is the same character, okay? The same goes for Tifa Lockhart and Tifa Lockheart.

Crisis Core spoiler policy:

All Crisis Core spoilers must be behind a cut with a warning, no exceptions. For this purpose, spoilers are defined as “any material or information from Crisis Core that didn't appear in the trailers.” Icons made from spoiler material (as defined above) may not be used for posting in this comm.

Your maintainer can be reached under: princessguard77-aerithtifa[AT]yahoo[DOT]de