Ember (sour_idealist) wrote in aerith_and_tifa,

Fic! Empty Space

Title: Empty Space
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII - AC
Pairing: Tifa/Aerith (very dysfunctional Cloud/Tifa, too, and implied Cloud/Aerith)
Rating: PG
Words: 200
Author's Note: Written for the prompt "pain" at ff_yuri_drabble People over there liked it, so I thought I'd crosspost it here (and to my journal, but that's not so important).

Life goes on.

He never buys her flowers, and she never braids her hair. She keeps her skirts dark and above the knee, and he makes sure that when he picks up laundry detergent, it smells sugary or spicy. They hold each other late at night, split-knuckled fingers caressing sturdy, tough fighter’s muscles. They brighten up the old rooms with fruit bowls or new curtains, and Tifa says nothing at all when Marlene starts wearing her ribbon as a headband to hold back her chin-length hair.

Once, someone asked her what it was like to be married to Cloud Strife. She blinked, and said that she supposed that after all that they’d been through together, she probably saw him differently than most.

It’s even true. She sees him as someone who understands the shape of the hole in her life, because he’s got a gap the exact same shape. Like a silver-haired someone laid their lives on top of each other like pieces of cloth, and cut out a flower girl’s silhouette.

She stays with him because he knows what she’s lost, and he stays with her because she will never try to fill the void. And life goes on.

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